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Routes at Karrebæksminde Triathlon

The final routes are published in the run-guide which comes one month before the race-day. We encourage all athletes to get acquainted with the routes, as well as ensure the necessary knowledge to implement. There will be partial barriers to traffic, as well as volunteers and officials on the routes to help all athletes safely through.

Aquasphere Swim Route – 950 m

TREK Bikestore Bike Route – 50 km

Certina Run Route – 10.5 km

Rules & conditions

Chip – chip and racebelt:
Each participant is given a loan ship. You are responsible for bringing a velcro strap, but you can buy velcro straps and racebelt on site.
If the chip is not delivered after use, you will receive an invoice of DKK 350.

As a participant, I agree that:
● With my registration and my participation in the course of the course, you will be responsible and the organizer and the municipality of Næstved can not be held responsible for any kind of liability.
● I declare myself healthy, healthy and in physical form for participation in the event.
● I accept, with my registration, photo, movie recordings, interviews, advertisements and the like. free to be used by the organizer.
● If I am unable to attend or in case of force majeure, I am not entitled to refund the registration fee.
● Cancellation insurance does not apply to eg sewer overflows or similar weather conditions, generally force majeure.
● I am aware that I may be disqualified if I receive unlawful help during the attendance. Illegal help is defined by contestants and judges.
● That my bike during the whole event is held at your own responsibility in the shift zone and any damage, etc. can not be held responsible by the organizer.
● Theft, etc. of equipment is not covered by the organizer

Rules for the event
● I am obliged to follow the instructions set by organizers, officials and judges.
● Starting number is personal and may not be transferred nor sold / given.
● On the bike, the Road Traffic Act applies where nothing else is mentioned or in doubt.
● This is a NONDRAFTING event, and DO NOT draft on the bike. Driving after 10 meter rule.
● Good sporting behavior is in everyone’s interest.
● Media players, iphones, music and more are NOT allowed on any part of the route.

● The swimming pool is monitored by lifeguards and their regulations must be followed.
● Wet suit is mandatory if the water temperature is below 16 degrees.
● Wet suit is optional if the water temperature is between 16 and 23 degrees.
● Wet suit is forbidden if the water temperature is above 23 degrees.
● The water temperature is determined one hour before starting. At low temperatures, the swimming can be shortened or completely canceled.
● Participants MUST start on the bike leg no later than at 13:00. In case this cut off is exceeded th eparticipant may be stopped and cannot proceed the race.
● In severe conditions, swimming can be shortened or the route changed until 1 hour before starting.

● Nondrafting event.
● No punctures or mechanical defects may be received by anyone other than judges or official assistants.
● Driving with approved bicycle helmet (CE mark must be visible).
● Start number stickers must be mounted on the bicycle.
● The bicycle helmet must be tightened before the bicycle is lifted out of the bicycle rack, and it will only be released after the bike has been restored to the rack after the cycling has ended.
● Number tags must be affixed and on each side of the helmet as well as on the saddle stick or cable on the bicycle.
● Media players, iphones, music, etc. are NOT allowed
● The time limit for the cycle is total time (swimming + cycling) in 3.5 hours.

● The starting number must be worn on the front of the body with a belt or safety needle.
● Media players, iphones, music, etc. are NOT allowed
● The time limit for the race is the total time of 4.5 hours. At times over 4 hours there may be breakdown of the routes, but everyone will score and get a medal.
● Each participant receives a loan ship. If the chip is not delivered after use, you will receive an invoice of 350 kr

As a participant, I fully accept the conditions that the organizers have set up in connection with the conduct of the event and that I fully understand the risks involved in participating in a gymnut under my own responsibility and that I can not hold the organizers responsible for any damage I incur in connection with my participation. Further, I understand that the organizers have the right to change routes and cancel the event if the need arises.

Terms I accept upon my registration:
As a participant, I must be 18 years old, or I have to fill 18 years in the calendar year of the race.
Registration can only be done online via the ToppTid registration website.
If you are prevented from setting up, you are not entitled to a refund of the starting fee, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.
It is possible to take out a cancellation insurance, and this can only be used until 30 April 2020.
Last but not least, I accept that Karrebæksminde Triathlon 2018 will be the best event I have ever participated in!